Production Services

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Production Services is an in-house support line established to assist Media Services with duplication, video editing, and the creation of locally-made content. Services range from the videotaping of lectures and presentations to the development of studio productions. In addition, a wide variety of photographic services are provided to enhance class presentations and special events.


Due to the varying needs in event recording, we offer several tiers of support with a varying cost incurred. For many events, a simple Zoom recording or single camera reproduction is desired, and no post-production is needed; such an instance would fall under tier one with minimal cost.  Please keep in mind that your event needs may not fall neatly into the chart below; please call Dan Klempner (527-4556) to discuss which tier would suit you best.

 Event Length
Tech Presence
Post Production
0-90 minutes simple videotaping

no post production

0-90 minutes multi-camera

some post production/editing

90+ minutes multi-camera

detailed post production/editing


The college also provides AV production and duplication of locally-produced content. To start a new project, or to request a status update, please contact Yarrow Sweningsen for logistics at 527-4557 or


Media Services offer curriculum support for faculty through the use of graphics. Original media materials used to enhance a concept for class can be produced in a timely manner. The material is produced by professional staff who will work closely with the presenter to determine the best method of presentation. To review project options, please contact James Blue at 527-4558 or

Talent Release

A talent release form is a legal permission slip allowing the use photographs or audio/video recordings of people for campus related projects. Talent releases are legally required in order for locally produced DVDs to circulate. The PDF of the SRJC talent release is linked below.

2018 Talent Release