Video Conferencing

Media Services offers video conferencing services to faculty and staff, allowing two or more different campus sites to communicate by simultaneous video and audio transmission. There are video conferencing systems located at both the Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses.  

If a video conferencing system is not available, web conferencing is a solution that will work for all campus sites and rooms with internet access.  A webcam and USB microphone are typically the only requirements to get started with one of our supported systems (Zoom, Skype, and Skype for Business).

Room types

Video conferencing is available in smaller meeting rooms with conference-style seating as well as in the larger media teaching rooms. Before requesting a conference, it is helpful to have an idea of the number of attendees expected.

Contact for Santa Rosa and Petaluma campuses

For video conference requests between Santa Rosa and Petaluma, please contact Joann Gaglione at 778-4167 or