Events & Production

Production Services is an in-house support unit established to assist Media Services video capture, editing, and hosting of locally-producted content. Services range from the capture of lectures and presentations to the development of studio productions. In addition, a variety of photographic services are provided to enhance class presentations and special events.

SRJC Livestream

Many events on SRJC's campuses are available for remote participation live or on-demand via our livestream website



Due to the varying needs for lecture and event recordings, we offer several tiers of support with scalable costs incurred. For events without special editing needs or funding sources, a simple Zoom recording or self-supported videotaping is encouraged via tier one with minimal cost.  Please keep in mind that your event needs may not fall neatly into the chart below; please call Dan Klempner (527-4556) to discuss which tier would suit you best.


Tier Length of Event Capture Packages/Tech Presece Post-Production Per Unit Cost
1 Varies None. Self-recorded. Checkout camera or create Zoom capture. N/A.  Media can help with upload as needed. Free
2 Up to 2 hours Simple recording with assigned videographer. Scheduled 2 weeks in advance. Minimal post-production.  Basic upload to 3CMedia or YouTube. Starting at $150 / session
3 Up to 4 hours Extended length or multi-camera capture, event livestreaming, with assigned videographer(s) and producer. Production team edits as needed and uploads/distributes final product. Starting at $250 / session (may incur added tech costs)
4 Varies for Project-based work Multi-camera, storyboarding, field-shooting, voiceover, post-produced assets. Detailed post-production with hourly editing by assigned STNC; requires pre-production meetings, storyboarding and project timelines. Typically $500 - $2500 per project


FREE!   Tier 1 – DIY – checkout camera and self-record (no cost)

  • Customer can self-upload to 3CMedia or work w/ Media desk (x4261) to get it uploaded. 
  • Equipment checkouts in Santa Rosa are located on Doyle Library 2nd floor (Tech Gear Desk w/ Dustin Zuckerman)  
  • Zoom cloud recordings upon request- contact Nate Musser (x1614) to schedule a tutorial.

SILVER.  Tier 2 – Basic lecture capture or event recording w/ assigned videographer (starting at $150 per session)

  • Requested in EMS or via Dan Klempner; up to 2 hours (10-minute grace period)
  • After event, footage gets minimal post-production and quick upload to 3CMedia or YouTube

GOLD.  Tier 3 – Advanced event recording w/ livestream, multicamera or specialty post-prod (starting at $250 per session)

  • requested in EMS or via Dan Klempner; up to 4 hours, possible differing locations
  • requires additional personnel for camera switching or maintaining livestream
  • additional costs will be incurred for extra production personnel depending upon needs
  • after event, footage may get some post-prod. and then upload to 3CMedia or YouTube. 

PLATINUM.  Tier 4 – PROJECT-based work w/ hourly rates (typically $500 - $2500 per project)

  • Can be requested of Media Services in ServiceDeskPlus or via Dan Klempner (rather than EMS, as this is not typically event-based.)
  • special video projects – usually involves storyboarding and multiple development phases
  • custom quotes based on total labor, complexity of project, etc. 
  • production STNC or tech assigned for duration of the product.  May include field shoots & extensive post-production, imported assets, specialty graphics, etc. 
  • once funding source is confirmed, pre-production meeting required to develop scope and timelines 


Closed and/or live captioning is NOT included in any of the above tiers as Media Services and SRJC do not offer any captioning services in-house. Most events can be captioned after the fact via a third-party website for the cost a dollar per minute, or live captioned at approximately double that cost. Any recordings used in class for academic purposes should be captioned to adhere to ADA regulations. Please contact Media Librarian Katrina Smith (x7927) with questions regarding what may or may not require captioning. Please mention your desire for captioning during the initial contact with Media Services to ensure accurate price reflection.


Media Services also provides AV production support and video clip generation for locally-produced content. To start a new project, or to request a status update, please contact Yarrow Sweningsen for logistics at 527-4557 or email


Media Services offers limited curriculum support for faculty through the use of graphics. Original media materials used to enhance a concept for class can be produced in a timely manner. The material is produced by professional staff who will work closely with the presenter to determine the best method of presentation. To review project options, please contact James Blue at 527-4558 or

For service in Petaluma, please contact Jo Ann Gaglione at 778-4167 or

Talent Release

A talent release form is a legal permission slip allowing the use photographs or audio/video recordings of people for campus-related projects. Talent releases are legally required for recording students or campus guests in order to capture video or produce recordings for public use. The PDF of the SRJC talent release is linked below.

2019 Talent Release