Media Projects

Media Projects

2024 Media Technology Pricing Guide

Media Services can help departments or programs purchase certain audiovisual equipment and instructional technology for deployment on a request basis using bond, department, or grant funds. Some common the items are displayed in the list below. If the item you seek does not appear on the table or lists below. Please email out to

Equipment or System 

Cost Range (2023-2024 estimated price ranges)

Projection Units 
Document projector (doc cam)  
$800 - most classroom units are Elmo-branded
High definition projector
$1,800 - $4,500  depending upon lenses, resolution and brightness  - most current classroom units are Epson-branded
Portable projector
$800 - $1,800     depending upon lenses, resolution and brightness 


Video camera 
$300 - $4,000 depending on features 
Camera - DSLR 
$1,400 - $4,000 depending lenses and resolution
Camera accessories 
Contact Media Services for estimates 
Sound Amplification/ Transmission 
Portable speakers / sound systems (for laptops, e.g.) 
$120 - $400 
Wireless microphone 
Contact Media Services for estimates
Small portable PA w/ wireless mic
A portable classroom unit for voice lift is $375.  Other larger units may vary.   
Outdoor microphone and speaker 
Contact Media Services for estimate
Basic headphones 
$40 - $250 depending upon basic wired vs. wireless and noise-cancelling features 
Classroom Solutions 
Classroom upgrade package – to Smart classroom/media enhanced 
$20k-28k typical range, depending on current configuration and scope.  
Interactive Flat Panel (IFP) monitor  
Display Size                      Budgetary Cost Range                                             Typical Application
Viewsonic 75" IFP      $5,000 -   $7,000 depending on mounting*    (huddle rooms up to 6 people) 
Viewsonic 86" IFP      $6,000 -   $8,000 depending on mounting*    (small meeting spaces up to 15 people) 
Viewsonic 98" IFP    $10,000 - $12,000 depending on mounting*  (mid-size conference or classrooms up to 30 people) 
*Common mounting options:  
Mobile IFPs can be placed on fixed-height basic trolleys ($500) or electric height-adjustable mobile carts ($2000)
Mounted IFPs can be on fixed-height articulating wall mounts ($500) or height-adjustable balance boxes ($900) if the wall is adequately reinforced, or electric height-adjustable floor stands ($1700)  

Don't see what you are looking for?  Media Services can meet with you to assess your audiovisual needs and assist with next steps.