In February 2019, the newest version (4.3) of Zoom's desktop application was released. Take a look at the short video below for a quick rundown of the newest features!

Starting With Zoom (PDF)

Zoom is a software-based video and audio collaboration system that allows HD video conferencing through PC, Mac, Android devices and Apple IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The California Community College system has a special Zoom account sign up system that will get your pro account paid for by a grant through the Chancellor's Office. You can sign up at http://conferzoom.org/ConferZoom/SignUp 

Helpful Guides to Get Started

The ConferZoom website offers several in-depth guides to help get you started with Zoom. If you are an administrative assistant or are a frequent scheduler of Zoom meetings, visit the Member & Host Guide for a better understanding of how to host meetings and customize your preferences. To learn more about options and program functions as a meeting attendee, visit the Participant Guide.

Recommended Zoom Settings

Check out our Zoom Settings Guide to help you get the most out of your Zoom experience.

DIY vs. Media Services Support

Zoom is designed to be easily accessed by each user. A perosnal meeting ID allows you to start a meeting at any time. However, there are instances where you'll need assistance from Media Services. Refer to the chart below to figure out when you might need to reach out to us (x4261). If you'd like a one-on-one Zoom tutorial, please contact Nate Musser (x1614) or e-mail nmusser@santarosa.edu.

Meeting Instance Media Services Required?
I need to run a private Zoom meeting from my office. No. You should use your Personal Meeting ID.
My department is holding a Zoom meeting in a room with an IFP. No. You can schedule a meeting and run it directly from the display.
I'm holding a Zoom meeting in a room with legacy hardware (Doyle 4245, Doyle 4246, Senate Chambers)
Yes. Media Services has special access that allows old hardware to be accessed.
I want to hold a special webinar. Yes. Webinar licensing is restricted to only the Media Services account.

Odds and Ends

How do I get and use Zoom on my iPhone or iPad?

How do I get and use Zoom on my Android phone or tablet?

How do I use Zoom with my Outlook Calendars? 

If you need admin rights to install the plugin, please contact IT.

Help! My meetings end after only 40 minutes!

You have a basic account not sponsored by ConferZoom. To correct this, email support@ccctechconnect.org and ask for your Zoom account to be converted to a California Community College paid account.