If you have questions or need technical support with your Zoom pro account, please call 707-527-4771  M-F 7:30am-7pm or email media@santarosa.edu. 


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In need of a Zoom Pro Account? Contact nmusser@santarosa.edu

All SRJC employees are entitled to an Education Licensed Zoom Pro account that allows for up to 300 attendees in a single meeting, no time restrictions on meetings, and cloud recording capabilities for short-term usage. Zoom helps us to stay connected remotely while keeping one another safe. 

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Media Services is available weekdays from 7:30am - 7pm for remote assistance with Zoom questions at (707) 527-4771

Have you upgraded to Zoom 5.7 yet? 

  • It is highly recommended that users keep your Zoom client software updated (currently v. 5.7.5) to apply important bug fixes and gain access to new features.
  • Highlights of the newest releases in Summer 2021 include
    • New: In Focus Mode, only the host can see participants’ videos and profile pictures. You can start Focus Mode from the “More” menu on the toolbar of the desktop client. This requires the desktop client for Windows or macOS version 5.7.3 or higher.
    • New: Meeting hosts can create a  survey to launch at the end of a meeting. Meeting participants will be prompted upon closure of the meeting
    • New: Users can customize the Waiting Room by uploading a video. This enables meeting attendees to watch pre-recorded videos to the start of the meeting

  • Highlights of the newest releases in April 2021 include:
    • Immersive View:
      Recreate the feel of your classroom, conference room or choose from several other scene options, by placing video participants onto a single virtual background. Participants are automatically placed onto provided scenes, but the host can upload their own custom background and adjust the arrangements as needed. This requires client version 5.6.3 or higher.
    • Full Emoji Suite:
      If the meeting reactions feature is enabled, account owners and admins can allow meeting participants to use all emojis or a predefined set of 6 emojis. This feature requires client version 5.6.3 or higher.


  • LIVE TRANSCRIPTION is now available in the latest Zoom client software. The feature, when enabled by the host, automatically creates subtitles in real-time. For more info, please see the TechConnect press release or this handy guide from The University of Minnesota.
  • For help updating your Zoom client on district-issued devices, contact the IT HelpDesk


More Zoom Resources

  • If you're planning to record something via Zoom for wide distribution, consider reviewing our Zoom Recording Best Practices.
  • In addition, Zoom now offers a comprehensive guide for Hosting Virtual Events.
  • For equipment requests like microphones & webcams for video conferencing, visit the IT Equipment Loaner Page.

  • More SRJC custom backgrounds for Zoom are now available for download, thanks to Public Relations!

  • Hosting a large virtual event?  Media Services can help produce your next Zoom Webinar.  

  • Using a Doc Cam with Zoom? Check out Theo's Doc Cam Zoom Tutorial or take a look at ImageMate, a browser-based alternative.

  • Distance Education has produced a beautiful infographic to help instructors Share Video via Zoom

  • For added convenience, use Single Sign On (SSO) to login to your SRJC Zoom account with district credentials.    

  • Cloud recording is a short-term access option; to preserve videos for future use, follow our DE preservation tips.

  • Canvas users may enable the Zoom LTI Pro on your Canvas account settings for easier scheduling and the latest integration features. 

  • Since Fall 2020, Zoom has been phasing in requirements for all meetings to have either a Waiting Room or a Passcode enabled.   

  • On Nov 24, 2020, approx. 290 employee accounts were invited to migrate to the SRJC Zoom subaccount. An email with the subject line "Your email domain has been claimed" was sent out from Zoom. The email is valid, and users may accept the invitation to complete this migration process.  For further assistance, please contact Nate Musser.  

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Media Services is available weekdays from 7:30am - 7pm for remote Zoom assistance and by phone at (707) 527-4771.

If you have questions about this webpage or would like to see other information added, please contact Nate Musser (nmusser@santarosa.edu).