Getting Started with Zoom

Zoom is a software-based video and audio collaboration system that allows HD video conferencing through PC, Mac, Android devices and Apple IOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The California Community College system has a special Zoom account sign up system that will get your pro account paid for by a grant through the Chancellor's Office. You can sign up at http://conferzoom.org/ConferZoom/SignUp 

Helpful Guides to Get Started

The ConferZoom website offers several in-depth guides to help get you started with Zoom. If you are an administrative assistant or are a frequent scheduler of Zoom meetings, visit the Member & Host Guide for a better understanding of how to host meetings and customize your preferences. To learn more about options and program functions as a meeting attendee, visit the Participant Guide.

Zoom in your Classroom

Can I use Zoom in my classroom?

Yes, you can!

Can I use Zoom with my Canvas course?

Yes, you can! Here is how you configure your Zoom meetings in your online Canvas Course account:

Can I use Zoom for office hours?

Yes, you can!

Can I use Zoom in a SRJC Video Conference Room?

Yes! Media Services can connect people to a college video conference room to a Zoom conference. Contact Media Services for assistance at 707-527-4261 or media@santarosa.edu

How many people can I invite to my Zoom meeting?

A standard Community College Account will allow 100 simultaneous people to participate on your Zoom conference at the same time.

How long can my meeting last?

A Community College Zoom account user can have a meeting last up to 24 hours, however the meeting will automatically terminate after 40 minutes if everyone has dropped off the meeting or only the host has joined the meeting.

Recommended Zoom Settings

Click the thumbnails below to help match the Zoom Meeting Settings in your account with our recommended settings to ensure the best Zoom experience. The thumbnails only reflect the changes that need to be made from the Zoom defaults. Any settings not shown can be assumed to be already optimal.

Schedule Meeting

Turn on Host Video and Participants Video, as well as Join Before Host. Make sure the Audio Type shows both Telephone and Computer Audio.

In Meeting (Basic)


Under "In Meeting (Basic)," turn on File TransferCo-Host, and Polling.

In Meeting (Advanced)


Under "In Meeting (Advanced)," turn on Closed Caption and Join From Your Browser. Turn OFF Waiting Room.

Odds and Ends

How do I get and use Zoom on my iPhone or iPad?

How do I get and use Zoom on my Android phone or tablet?

Can I use Zoom with my Outlook Calendars? 

Yes, Here is a how you use Zoom with Outlook. 

If you need admin rights to install the plugin, please contact IT.

Help! My meetings end after only 40 minutes!

You have a basic account not sponsored by ConferZoom. To correct this, email Clientservices@cccconfer.org and ask for your Zoom account to be converted to a California Community College paid account.